As interesting and essential as breastfeeding is, the whole experience is quite mysterious. So mysterious that there are many “rules” and “truths” about the journey that mothers go through. Thanks to the Internet, anyone can get information about breastfeeding. There are many texts about the experience that can be overwhelming and confusing for new mothers.


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Due to our work with mothers, we get to hear s lot of stories and supposed facts. Some of them quote information they gathered from social media or some blog posts, which is false. In this post, we will highlight 5 of these breastfeeding myths and, of course, set the record straight.

Myth 1: To make enough milk for your baby, you have to drink milk.

Fact: Science has proven that drinking milk has nothing to do with the production of your motherly milk. Notwithstanding, breastfeeding must stay hydrated at all times. It is important also that they eat a healthy diet. This will help the body when seeking nutrients for healthy breast milk.

Myth 2: Formula is equal to breast milk

Fact: Saying this statement is false is putting it lightly. This statement is unfounded and should be disregarded. Formula does not have the same nutrients and potentials as breast milk. Breast milk is not only ideal; it helps in easy digestion by the baby. It is also the earliest form of ‘immunization’. It helps to prevent babies from falling sick and reduces the risk of asthma, ear infections, childhood leukaemia and lymphomas, e.t.c

Myth 3: Women don’t make enough breast milk to feed their baby

Fact: The body is such a beautiful and interesting vessel. As a woman gives birth, the body begins to produce milk to feed her young one. To state it lucidly, your body makes enough milk right from the child is born, and there is no need to fret or fear.

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Myth 4: Breastfeeding is a painful experience

The experience of breastfeeding should rarely hurt. While nipples may become sensitive, often due to an increased hormone level after delivery and increased contact during the baby’s feeding, they should not hurt.

Myth 5: Only the ‘perfect’ breast can breastfeed

Fact: People believe that the perfect breast (size and shape) alone can make milk and breastfeed a baby. Every woman has different breasts, and breastfeeding experience might slightly differ. However, there is no “perfect” breast for breastfeeding.

Have any questions or areas that need clarification. Drop a comment, and we will be sure to respond.

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