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Saturday, July 13 2019


Do you know what the Moro Reflex is? You are about to find out.

Mother Nature sends babies off with many built-in reflexes. For instance, you don’t need to teach your baby to breathe or suck, these are behaviors your baby comes into the world already knowing like a pro. The Moro reflex is another well-designed behavior that doesn’t need to be learned and will eventually be forgotten, around 3 - 4 months of age. ⁣

This is often referred to as the startle reflex, which is an involuntary⁣
reflex in response to a baby feeling, “Oh no, I’m falling!” This can happen because your baby’s head falls back, a sudden loud noise, or a sudden movement occurs. Anything that would startle you, would also startle your new baby.⁣

When the moro reflex is triggered, the sudden unexpected jolt  causes your baby to throw out his arms in front of him like a cheerleader and then come together in a great big hug. The Moro reflex is considered a life-saving primitive instinct that made it easier for a mommy-animal to catch her falling baby. ⁣

But here’s the thing…the thing that makes us talk about the Moro reflex. This reflex might be life-saving for baby monkeys, but it can cause our little monkeys to wake up just when you need them to sleep.⁣

Checking for the Moro reflex is part of the well-baby exam because it provides a lot of vital information about your baby’s neurologic and musculoskeletal systems. For instance, if your baby doesn’t throw out both arms, a fractured clavicle or nerve injury, amongst other things, needs to be considered. ⁣

Isn’t Mother Nature brilliant? Cool, right? Does the Moro reflex disturb your baby’s sleep? 

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