Breasteeding a newborn.

Breastfeeding is the activity of feeding a young baby with milk via the mammary gland of a lactating woman. This feeding technique is one of the oldest forms of nourishing young babies and holds various benefits for both the mom and the child.

Despite the myriads of benefits associated with breastfeeding, many moms complain of pains while breastfeeding. These pains are sometimes periodical or severe and could arise due to a plethora of reasons. 

Whether all moms worldwide would experience this pain is a constant debate in several circles. This post will provide clarity to this issue by looking at relevant causes and statistics. Knowing the cause of the pain would help in  finding a given solution

The first and primary cause of breastfeeding pain is latching. Latching is the breastfed baby’s connection to the breast. If the baby is not positioned correctly and in the right direction, the breast could experience pains. The best way to tackle this is to take note of how you place your baby. You could support with a pillow to give your baby the required balance or see a medical specialist

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Another reason moms develop pain is when the breast doesn’t contain enough milk or the breast contain excess milk. Inadequacy of milk would stress the breast muscles, resulting in pain, while excess milk would make the breast heavier and undoubtedly painful. These two cases could result when mothers overlook their diet and fail to exercise regularly. Following the proper diet and regular exercise would help in preventing such.

Moms can also regularly take a cold shower or apply warm water on the breast surface to reduce the pain associated with breastfeeding. Also, following the required balanced diet for mothers and exercising regularly could be necessary to cure breastfeeding pains.

If you have tried all these tips and you are still feeling pain when breastfeeding, then you need expert advice.

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