What Are Milkmakers?

Milkmakers are foods, supplements, and herbs that are used to help nursing mothers improve breast milk production for easy breastfeeding.

Now, are you a nursing mother?

Do you find it difficult to nurse your baby due to your low breast milk supply? If so, then this article is going to help you with regards to how you can be a better breastfeeding mom to your baby.

Now according to research, 92% of nursing mothers usually have difficulty in breastfeeding their babies about 3 days after delivery. And this is because of so much energy required to produce breast milk from the mammary gland of a woman.

With this, the breastfeeding challenge has become a big topic of discussion among nursing mothers. And to be able to fight this, there are food products that help boost a mother’s milk supply and as such called Milkmakers for breastfeeding moms.

Usually, these Milkmakers are foods, supplements, and herbs. But since most mothers may not be able to prepare the right proportion of this food and supplements to boost their breast milk supply. There exist food products that have a combination of these major supplements in the right proportion.

One of these is Lactation Cookies.

Milkmakers: Lactation Cookies

Ever heard the word Lactation?

If you haven’t…then it’s simple. It has to do with a period after birth in which a mother breastfeeds her baby. And so all nursing mothers are undergoing a period of lactation.

And this brings us to the topic; Lactation Cookies.

What are Lactation Cookies?

Lactation Cookies is simply a Cookie snack for breastfeeding Moms to help in the milk-making process and as well boost breast milk supply.

Now, these Lactation Cookies contain nutritious ingredients and supplements needed by nursing mothers to boost milk production.

And what are those ingredients?

What Are The Key Ingredients Of Lactation Cookies?

Lactation Cookies are made up of highly nutritious ingredients but here’re the common and most vital ingredients found in Lactation Cookies…

  • Brewer’s  yeast
  • Flax seeds
  • Oats
Lactation Cookies
Lactation Cookies

These 3  ingredients are common in lactation cookies and are very helpful as Milkmakers for breastfeeding moms.

Now let’s take a quick look at the nutritional value each one of them offers…

1.Brewer’s yeast:  

This is known to be rich in protein content, minerals, vitamin B, amino acids, and chromium.

All these go a long way to boost the milk supply in nursing mothers.

2. Flax Seeds: 

They are rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids and they help lower blood pressure and improve the digestive health of nursing mothers. Plus their Oestrogenic properties help to breastfeed moms make more milk. 

The fats in its oil are also rich in components that boost breast milk production.

3. Oats:

Oats are whole grains rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. They can be considered as the topmost food in the diet of breastfeeding moms. They can be made in the form of oatmeal porridge and sometimes we have Oatmeal Tea.

An example of an effective Lactation cookie can be found here and it has been confirmed by mothers across the globe as being helpful with the issue of breast milk supply.

How Long Does It Take Lactation Cookies To Work?

Now according to most mothers who have used Lactation Cookies, some confirmed its efficacy within one to two days. This is because of the loaded nutrients it contains.

But don’t take my word for it, you can visit here and see what other mothers using MilkBooster Lactation Cookies are saying.

Where To Get Lactation Cookies In Nigeria?

Lactation cookies are common in Nigeria but care must be taken to get quality and medically satisfied products. And as such, a trusted and highly recommended Milkmaker lactation Cookies by most breastfeeding moms is Milkbooster Breastfeeding Cookies.

And so if you’re having difficulty with meeting your baby’s breast milk demand, then you can make your order for MilkBooster Breastfeeding Cookies anywhere in Nigeria. This product is highly recommended by lactation consultants and so you rest assured of getting quality lactation Cookies for breast milk production.

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