• ₦5,000.00

    The pregnancy bands are flexible tube-like garments that women wear around the belly to extend the life of pre-pregnancy clothing by covering unbuttoned or unzipped pants.

  • ₦20,000.00

    Get back into shape the right way after childbirth. This sweat belt wil help you snatch your waist as well has hold your tummy upright after delivery. We advise moms start using the belt from 3 months postpartum.

  • ₦20,000.00

    Our Postpartum Tummy Wrap offers many benefits to mothers, specifically those who have just been put to bed. It helps mothers get their belly back after childbirth. It is recommended instead of using wrapper to tie the belly

  • ₦15,000.00

    The Recovery Belt Binder helps mothers get their belly back after childbirth. It allows them to remain prim and shapely as they’ve always been. This belt is suitable for use from day one of delivery.

  • ₦1,500.00

    Replacement valve for your worn-out breast pump valve to help regain its original suction.

  • ₦1,000.00

    Replacement Tubing (1 Retail Pack of 2 Tubes) Compatible with double electric breast pumps – 100% BPA Free

  • Diaphragm Diaphragm

    Replacement part diaphragm for the Double Electric Breast Pump. It restores the original suction power to an electric pump. It is made from durable silicone.

  • Bottle Warmer Bottle Warmer

    The Milk Booster Bottle warmer is ideal for heating up your breast milk on the go