• ₦72,000.00

    This lactation products bundle contains all five Milk Booster treats to get you started on increasing your breast milk supply. The set contains: 4 300g cookies  A carton of pap  Chocolate drink  Chocolate drink  1 Smoothie mix  1 Granola 300g 1 Granola 600g  1 Mini cookies carton And it can last for up to a month.

  • ₦45,000.00

    Gearing up to resume breastfeeding after a short or long break? Or you wish to boost your breast milk supply within a timeframe?  The refill bundle provides you with all the lactation products you'll need for a successful increase in supply.The bundle contains: 1 carton mini cookies 1 carton of pap 1 chocolate drink 400g 1 of any big cookie  1 of any small cookie 

  • New Mom Gift Set New Mom Gift Set

    This package contains the perfect gift for all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.  It Contains  1 breastfeeding starter pack 1 wearable master pump 1 storage bag

  • ₦93,500.00

    This bundle is available for mommas that want:• The convenience of totally hands-free pumping.• Storage bags to help store breastmilk & feed baby when you are unavailable and,• Regular boosted breastmilk supply.  

  • ₦148,500.00 ₦165,000.00

    The Maxi Back to Work Bundle contains just the right products you to help you resume work as a breastfeeding mom comfortably.Get: 1 Ultra Pump 1 Cooler Set 1 Starter Pack and 1 Storage Bag.

  • ₦34,200.00 ₦38,000.00

    This bundle is recommended for pregnant moms looking to begin preparation for breastfeeding and labour. You’ll get: The Birthing Ball The Bump soother and, The Mini cookies (half carton)

  • Mother of All Bundles Mother of All Bundles

    ALL the SOLUTIONS to a NEW MUM’S worries in ONE BOX. The Milk Booster – BREASTFEEDING STARTER PACK 1 box of cookies – 4 delicious flavours (Chocolate, Coconut, Cranberry almond & Cranberry white chocolate) 1 granola (300g) 1 smoothie mix (100g) 1 chocolate drink (130g) 1 breastfeeding pap (45g) Amal Botanicals NEWBORN ESSENTIALS SET  Moisturising Shea Bar Soap 120G Moisturizing Baby Cream 250ml Talc Free Powder 100G Baby Bottom Cream 200ml Soothing Shea Oil 100ml The Baby Lounge 10 Hours In-Home Childcare by seasoned Childcare professionals.